art of craft by design, sustainable!

The wishes and demands of our customers have a central position, where we offer a very special place in our area for custom clothing custom-made or standard size.

We gladly accept custom orders to implement this on the basis of our comprehensive capabilities and their performances!

Whether suit, costume, your special evening dress or a tailored blouse / a shirt - there are no limits regarding your taste. Our inhouse tailors manufacture high quality unique textiles – incomparable know-how.


We internalize high demands on our craftsmanship and the materials used to meet the requirements of our prestigious clients with work in class quality.

Choose from our varied selection of fine fabrics, to give the perfect clothes custom-made the appropriate appearance, from a stylish business outfit for a daily class wearing experience or the special evening wear for a dazzling appearance.


Whether a wedding dress, your special evening dress or a tailored blouse, there are no limits regarding your taste.

With the combination of outstanding craftsmanship and dexterity inexhaustible potential solutions, we create customized clothing which fits snugly nestled at you.


gentlemen :

Whether elegant suits, a tailor-made business outfit or a special event fashion - your imaginations are limitless. Our tailors manufacture high-captivating unique pieces.

exclusive accessoires:

Of course we offer our customers an extensive range of high-quality accessoires such as ties, scarves, shawls etc. from the finest materials such as cashmere and silk.

Please contact us by email. service@manufaktur-bavaria.com. We are pleased to serve you with our quality products and personal achievements.

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