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We are a manufacturer located in Landshut in Bavaria with a very strong sense of tradition. We have specialized globally in a wide range of high-class judicial, clerical, and academic robes, and are known for our quality and diversity.
Our individual style is complemented by our experience and know-how, so that we can meet the needs of our customers in a modern and open-minded fashion. By implementing state-of-the-art production technologies, we ensure that our name and wealth of experience are a guarantee that only the best quality leaves our doors. During processing we select a spectrum of high-quality outer fabrics for which we predominantly use a Merino-cashmere blend. All of our robes are finished with real horn buttons, and will delight the customer with their perfection and skillful tailoring.

Social Responsibility

As a global supplier for everything to do with robes, we are conscious of our social responsibility towards our customers, business partners and subcontractors on a daily basis. That is why we make sure to focus our attention on our employees, offering them a secure and fair workplace, and also on the ecological effects of our activities.
Concerning the responsibility for the economy as a whole which we are now taking on, particularly for future generations, we see several aspects as being of the highest priority. These include, for example, fair, secure working conditions for our employees, equal opportunities, basic and advanced training, entrepreneurial innovation, commitment, and an emphasis on the environment, culture, further education, and sports, willingness to donate to charitable institutions, and finally, of course, customer satisfaction by paying attention to a customer service and complaint management that we can be proud of.


It is one of the very important principles of our company that we constantly define and implement new benchmarks, and that we consider further overall aspects in doing so, and we hope that our interested customers are aware of the significance of this, and that they share our values.

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